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Siku Σκηνικό Siku World Στάση Λεωφορείου

Κωδικός: GLMS-SI005509
Brand: Siku
Διαθεσιμότητα: 1-3 εργάσιμες ημέρες
36.99€ 35.14€

Στάση Λεωφορείου Siku World - Bus stop

Wait under cover for the school busRain, snow, and cold: Sometimes the weather is nasty when you’re waiting for the school bus. The SIKUWORLD now has a new, smart bus stop with a transparent roof and walls. When it’s dark, two large lamps light up the bus stop. With its ticket machine, advertising sign, and emergency call point, the bus stop has lots of detail to play with. Time passes quickly: Here we are: the light blue school bus with coloured printing is already on its way. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is already included. The bus stop is also ideal for combining with the siku buses and trams, or it can be used as a cruise ship terminal.
Διαστάσεις/Περιεχόμενο: 36 x 15,1 x 9 εκ.