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Royal Talens Pigma Μαρκαδόροι Brush Pen Fine Medium Bold Set 3 Τεμ.

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The Pigma Brush Pen set includes 3 creative brush pens to use for Illustration, Journaling, Sketching, Rubber stamping, Comic Art and other applications. The extra durable, long-lasting and “memory” enhanced nibs are made of FB (a tough plastic polyacetal material), MB (a tough nylon material) or BB (a tough porous polyethylene material). Its durable brush nibs respond instantly to changes in pressure or direction, giving a silky smooth, accurate and consistent ink flow. The unique Sakura Pigma™ ink will not bleed through paper, is permanent, waterproof, fade resistant, quick drying and pH-neutral. Contents of this PIGMA Brush Pen set: 1 Pigma Brush Pen FB, 1 x Pigma Brush Pen MB, 1 x Pigma Brush Pen BB.