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Royal Talens Van Gogh Landscape Selection Σετ 48 Χρωμάτων Soft Pastel

Κωδικός: SHBB-90820148
Κατηγορία: Παστέλ
Διαθεσιμότητα: 1 έως 3 ημέρες
77.40€ 61.92€


  •     Περιεκτικότητα υψηλής ποιότητας λαμπερών και καθαρών χρωστικών.
  •     Πολύ καλή πρόσφυση σε χαρτί, χαρτόνι, ξύλο και πέτρα.
  •     Εξαιρετική χρωματική ένταση.
  •     Εύκολο να εργαστούν και να αναμειχθούν μεταξύ τους διατηρώντας σε υψηλό επίπεδο την απόχρωσή τους.
  •     Ευρεία γκάμα χρωμάτων σε ιμπρεσιονιστική παλέτα αντίστοιχη με τις ανάγκες του καλλιτέχνη.

Pure and brilliant colours in soft pastel sticks for those seeking the student-artist quality level. Van Gogh slim, round sticks are ideal for using the edges for detail or on its side for broad area coverage. Composed of high-quality pigments and kaolin clay for a formulation with easy colour transfer, a velvety appearance, and made to be less likely to crumble. Pigments are free of heavy metals: lead, cadmium, and cobalt. Pastels work fantastic on grounds with tooth (surface texture) that can hold the pastels, such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt, or wood. Pastel drawings and paintings are not smudge-proof, and it's recommended to use a fixative on top of finished artwork. colours are lightfast rated with good (25-100 years under museum conditions) to excellent (100+ years under museum conditions). This 48-piece pastel set includes a landscape colour palette: White(5) (100.5), Light Yellow(8) (201.8), Deep Yellow(5) (202.5), Deep Yellow(12) (202.12), Lemon Yellow(5) (205.5), Lemon Yellow(8) (205.8), Yellow Ochre(5) (227.5), Yellow Ochre(7) (227.7), Gold Ochre(3) (231.3), Raw Sienna(3) (234.3), Orange(5) (235.5), Light Orange(5) (236.5), Light Orange(9) (236.9), Carmine(3) (318.3), Light Oxide Red(7) (339.7), Permanent Red(5) (372.5), Raw Umber(7) (408.7), Burnt Umber(3) (409.3), Burnt Umber(5) (409.5), Burnt Sienna(5) (411.5), Ultramarine Light(9) (505.9), Ultramarine Deep(3) (506.3), Ultramarine Deep(5) (506.5), Prussian Blue(7) (508.7), Turquoise Blue(5) (522.5), Turquoise Blue(8) (522.8), Violet(9) (536.9), Mars Violet(5) (538.5), Blue Violet(5) (548.5), Blue Violet(7) (548.7), Phthalo Blue(7) (570.7), Permanent Green Light(5) (618.5), Permanent Green Deep(5) (619.5), Olive Green(3) (620.3), Olive Green(5) (620.5), Olive Green(7) (620.7), Cinnabar Green Light(3) (626.3), Cinnabar Green Light(10) (626.1), Cinnabar Green Deep(2) (627.2), Cinnabar Green Deep(5) (627.5), Cinnabar Green Deep(10) (627.1), Permanent Yellow Green(5) (633.5), Permanent Yellow Green(7) (633.7), Bluish Green(7) (640.7), Phthalo Green(5) (675.5), Grey(3) (704.3), Grey(10) (704.1), Mouse Grey(7) (707.7).