Playmobil Ayuma 71030 Moon Fairy Carriage With Phoenix

Κωδικός: 71030
Brand: Playmobil
Κατηγορία: Playmobil Ayuma
Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο
189.99€ 159.90€

In the fully equipped Fairies Academy, all fairies learn to further develop their skills. Trapdoors, falling rocks and a falling tree protect the academy from unwanted visitors. Under the pavilion there is a glowing energy crystal. The lanterns glow in the dark! Includes Forest Fairy Leavi, Knight Fairy Josy and Bat Fairy Noxana with their soul animals as well as the shaman and principal Luyana. The light module requires two 1.5 V micro batteries (not included). The Fairies Academy is a peaceful place of learning and togetherness. Here, all fairies learn to use their abilities together. In addition to topics such as star and fairy lore, sports is also on the curriculum. Healing herbs are taught in the academy garden on the floating rock, and the stars can be observed with the telescope in the observatory. For physical training, the fairies use the lianas under the rocky plateau. Below the academy is the magical crystal, which supplies the fairy world with energy. If uninvited guests do approach, the training facility is equipped with several trapdoors, a tilting tree and a dungeon. The set includes the Ayuma fairies Josy and Leavi, Bat Fairy Noxana and Shaman Luyana, a fairy academy with traps and hinged stairs, a light crystal, the soul animals owl, bear and snake, and many other magical extras. The light module has three light effects that can be switched on via a button.