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Novus Συρραπτικό Γραφείου 40φ. Long Arm Β17 24/6 24/8 26/6 26/8

Κωδικός: Β17
Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο
36.00€ 28.80€

 The Novus B17 Long Arm Stapler offers smooth, hassle-free stapling of up to 40 sheets. It features an 11.75" throat depth for saddle stitching booklets, a dual staple guide for jam protection, and an adjustable depth guide for accuracy.

  •     11.75" Stapling depth for saddle stitching booklets and large documents
  •     Metal internal components increase performance and durability
  •     Dual staple guide provides even stapling pressure for superior performance
  •     Adjustable depth guide for repetitive stapling accuracy
  •     Use it 2 Ways- Staple | Temporary Pin
  •     Gentle pressure allows for easy operation
  •     Non-slip base holds the stapler in place
  •     Quick and easy front loading of staples
  •     German engineered for quality and durability


  • [SADDLE STITCHING] -- 11.75" Staple depth for saddle stitching booklets and large documents
  • [JAM PROTECTION] -- Staple guide produces even pressure for greater jam protection
  • [METAL COMPONENTS] -- Metal internal components for greater performance and durability
  • [ADJUSTABLE GUIDE] -- Adjustable depth guide ensures accuracy for repetitive stapling
  • [USE IT 2 WAYS] -- Staple | Temporary Pin