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McFarlane Φιγούρα Amp Suit And Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)

Κωδικός: GLMS-MCF16378
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Φιγούρα Amp Suit & Colonel Miles Quaritch (Disney Avatar World of Pandora)

Miles Quaritch demonstrates superior piloting skills in his AMP Suit, nicknamed “Beyond Glory.” Controlled via high-tech armatures and equipped with a variety of weapons and raw strength, the AMP Suit is even more lethal with Quaritch in the driver’s seat.

The AMP Suit & Colonel Miles Quatrich World of Pandora 2-Pack features two 2.5" Scale Action Figures with 4 to 8 points of articulation for epic posing and play. The detailed figures include a terrain accessory, perfect for creating your own display or recreating awesome scenes, and come packaged in Avatar window box packaging.
Διαστάσεις/Περιεχόμενο: 16 εκ. (38 x 24 x 10 εκ.)