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BIC Μαρκαδόροι Υπογράμμισης Intensity Dual Tip Highlighters 6 Τεμ.

Κωδικός: 681347
Brand: BIC
Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο
7.00€ 5.95€

Up the creative ante on journaling with BIC's Intensity Dual-Tip Highlighter. Featuring a 0.8 mm fine tip and a chiseled tip, this multifunctional marker can cater to all your creative whims. The fine tip is your go-to for detail work like writing, underlining, doodling and hand lettering. The traditional highlighter tip has the versatility to cover more precise pieces of text in medium strokes, as well as large text blocks in minimal broad strokes. With a pen-style profile, these skinny highlighters are also comfortable to use for long stretches. Among other practical benefits, the pigment in these highlighters dries quickly, doesn't smear (neither pen ink nor its own color) and wont bleed through most paper. Adding all of this together, these Dual-Tip highlighters are ideal companions to fulfill your journaling needs.