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Legamaster Πλήρες Σετ Ξύλινων Αξεσουάρ Για Ασπροπίνακα 17 Τεμ.

Κωδικός: 11.125600
Brand: Legamaster
Διαθεσιμότητα: 1-3 εργάσιμες ημέρες
158.00€ 118.50€

Πλήρες set 17 τεμαχίων ξύλινων αξεσουάρ για ασπροπίνακα  - Accessory starter kit - περιλαμβάνει 5 μαγνήτες, 1 μαγν. σπόγγο, 3 ανταλλακτικά σπόγγου, 1 μαγν.θήκη, 1 μαγν. καλαθάκι, 4 μαρκαδόρους οικολογικούς e-28 για ασπροπίνακα, 1 σπρέυ καθαρισμού ασπροπίνακα ΤΖ7 125ml & 1 πανάκι καθαρισμού Microfibre 40cm x 40cm

  •     Stylish ánd sustainable accessories for magnetic whiteboard surfaces
  •     17 tools to make optimal use of your Legamaster whiteboard
  •     Keep your office organised
  •     This product contains material from well-managed, FSC® -certified forests and other controlled sources (FSC C158462)
  • Contents: 1x WOODEN eraser, 3x WOODEN eraser refill pads, 1x WOODEN accessory holder, 1x WOODEN marker holder, 5x WOODEN magnets, 4x edding 28 EcoLine whiteboard markers (black, red, blue, green), 1x TZ7 whiteboard cleaner 125ml, 1x microfibre cloth 40x40cm
  • All included tools are suitable for magnetic whiteboard surfaces
  • Wooden parts made of beech wood "fagus sylvatica" finished with varnish
  • Each WOODEN item is unique in colour and appearance as they are made of natural wood
  • The included, refillable markers are climate-neutral, because they’re made of 90% recyclable materials. Even 83% of the used materials is post-consumer plastic, such as used yoghurtcups or watering cans