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Bruder Φορτηγό MAN TGS Με Αποσπώμενο Container Και Φορτωτή Schaffer

Κωδικός: GLMS-BR003767
Brand: Bruder
Διαθεσιμότητα: 1 έως 3 ημέρες
81.49€ 79.85€

Φορτηγό MAN TGS με αποσπώμενο container & φορτωτή Schaffer - MAN TGS truck with roll-off container and Schäffer yard loader

The MAN TGS is the perfect, all-round vehicle for construction sites, long-haul deployment and local distribution. Thanks to durable design, featuring powerful engines and providing an over-average payload, this truck is the prototype of the frequently described "all-round vehicle" with plenty of innovations on board. The two-tone cab features doors that can be opened to provide any bworld figure with a modern place of work. The transport container has two swivelling hinged doors at the end and can be lowered and picked up again at the rear by the gripper arm. When the container stands on the floor and the doors are open, the smaller BRUDER vehicles can even drive into the container and then be transported by the container lorry. This possibility is used very often in reality on construction sites and little builders can recreate these flexible possibilities in the children’s room. The popular Schaeff yard loader is now included in this great combination
Διαστάσεις: 553 x 185 x 240 mm (μήκος/ύψος/πλάτος)